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School Care has been developed by experienced technology teams in collaboration with experts with extensive experience in managing and running schools on a day to day basis. The primary objective of the School Care system…

Features & Benefits

Role-Based Functionalities For All

Flexible, Role-Based Functionalities for all users to ensure the smooth functioning and end-to-end coordination for streamlined operations.


Caters to the precise needs and knowledge limitations of different participants, especially working parents, the system offers web-based connectivity and intuitive, mobile-friendly interface.

Connectivity On-the-Go

School Care offers access and ese of use via both web and mobile interface providing on-the-go connectivity to parents and teachers through mobile devices.

Measure it Manage it.

The highly interactive dashboard offers ‘at-a-glance’ insights into key parameters that help you measure and manage the school by taking decisions based on data.

Manage Monthly Unit Tests

Makes conducting and managing Monthly Unit Tests a cake walk for the teachers.

Manage Attendance / Teachers and Students

Gives an easy to use interface for students to mark attendance and an easy to use admin panel for teachers to manage student attendance.

Share Reports with Teachers and Parents.

Measure it to Manage it. SchoolCare system builds informative and data rich reports that can be shared with both teachers and parents.

Everything Under 1 Umbrella and No Need of
Papers any More

SchoolCare brings everything under a single system and managed at a single place. Helps in eliminating the need of managing paper-based execution and related tedious processes.

Let’s Kick-Off, Today!

Our team will help you in understanding the detailed features of the system through a demo and hand-hold you for setting up the system for your institute in the quickest time possible. Let’s start our journey today!

One Price For All

SchoolCare is a simple and affordable solution and you can get up and running with as low as $1 per user

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