Student Management System

Easy and Hassle-Free Student Management by School Care!

Managing a school is not an easy task, and one should be highly responsible and vigilant to care for the students. Parents send them to school by relying completely on the school authority. They literally trust the school authority regarding their safety, academic performance, and overall behaviour. Hence, student management should be careful enough to handle each and every issue related to the students.

If you need some help in managing your students, then we can definitely help. School Care is the ideal student manager that helps in managing the students with the utmost ease and convenience. This highly interactive and responsive software will help you with different features that you can use efficiently for managing your school students. Let us have a look at all the amazing features that we offer to the users!

Managing the Attendance of Students

We provide you with an exceedingly easy-to-use interface using which you can mark the attendance of the students. The admin panel lets the teachers manage the attendance of the students without any hassle or chaos. Parents, too, can inform the school authority if their child is going to be late for school. There will be no chance of flaws or misunderstanding.

Sharing Reports with Students and Their Parents

We help you prepare highly detailed, well-organized, informative, and data-rich reports which you can easily share with the parents as well as the teachers. Such report preparation will keep the student management system sorted and well-organized. There won’t be unnecessary chaos or confusion.

Keeping Track of the Monthly Unit Tests

You can easily conduct the monthly unit tests for the students. Conducting the tests each month for so many students can indeed be an arduous job. You need to be very careful about formulating the question papers, proper distribution to the students set-wise, class-wise, and subject-wise. There are multiple factors that you should take into consideration. So, School Care helps you to manage and conduct monthly unit tests quite easily. We leave no room for any kind of mistake or confusion.

Now that you know about our multiple features, we are sure that you would definitely love to assign the role of student manager to School Care.

Download School Care today to upscale your student management system.