Keep a Track of Your Teachers Easily by Using School Care!

Running a school is not just about taking care of the students. You need to manage the teachers, as well. The teachers, afterall, are responsible for taking care of each and every student. Therefore, the school management should take care of the teachers and manage the teachers’ activities efficiently. If you are unable to manage your teachers properly, you should definitely try the School Care software to ease down your task.

School Care provides a highly advanced software that helps you with proper management of all your teaching staff. No matter how many teachers you have, you will be able to manage all their activities quite conveniently.

Features That We Offer in Our Teacher Management Software

  • Management of attendance: Managing attendance of students is a great responsibility for all the teachers. We let the students easily enter their attendance using our software. Once they enter the attendance, the teachers can easily manage the attendance from the admin panel. Parents can also inform school authorities whether the students will be attending the class or not or going to be late for the class. This helps in managing the attendance recording task of the teachers.
  • Sharing of reports with teachers: With our advanced, AI-based teacher management software, we can prepare high-end reports. These reports are easily shareable with the teachers. Thereby, the teachers can go-through the reports, cross-check them. School Care is the perfect app that helps in easing down the report managing tasks of a teacher.
  • One-stop-shop for all administrative work: School Care is the one-stop-shop for all management activities. You can easily administer over your entire teaching staff with this AI-based software. We make it easy to handle all the teaching staff conveniently.
  • Role-based functionalities for all the teachers: We offer role-based functionalities that are highly flexible to all the users, including the teachers. With this software, you will be able to enjoy seamless functioning and proper coordination among all the teachers.

Now that you know about all the features of School Care, you can download the software and enjoy hassle-freeteachermanagement.